In addition to handling transactional and litigation matters, Newfield Puritsky LLP’s practice also includes providing legal and business advice on how to handle and resolve the day-to-day issues faced by our clients in their respective businesses. Newfield Puritsky LLP advises our clients on a wide variety of common real estate and business issues including negotiating and documenting agreements, structuring transactions, avoiding legal disputes, and providing advice on matters of labor and employment.

Newfield Puritsky LLP serves a broad client base in a wide variety of businesses – both in size and industry. Newfield Puritsky LLP’s synergistic approach to assisting our clients includes developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ unique businesses and making our primary focus the client’s business goals and objectives, and our role in supporting success of the business. Our focused approach allows for timely responses and resolutions to both common and unusual or complex issues, and assists our clients in achieving their ultimate business objectives.

Newfield Puritsky LLP offers a broad array of real estate and business consulting services, including:

  • Transaction Consulting. We guide our clients through the legal framework of all types of real estate and business transactions, and develop negotiation strategies.
  • Due Diligence. Each transaction is unique and requires its own level and type of due diligence, which is important in determining the value and viability of the deal. Failure to conduct thorough due diligence could result in an inaccurately valued purchase or sale, violation of regulations, or missed opportunities. We walk our clients through a due diligence review focused on achieving their goals and timeline, and review various issues that might affect the transaction.
  • Rick Management. We assist many of our clients in establishing and reviewing procedures for loss prevention and risk management, and work with clients on the selection and management of outside consultants and service providers.

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