Why Us

Who We Are

Newfield Puritsky LLP is a boutique full service business and real estate law firm that always aspires to be a legal business partner for our clients. We represent a wide range of clientele throughout California, including local and national corporations as well as private entrepreneurs.

Our principal objective is to provide our clients with practical and cost-effective counsel, whether they are a party attempting to consummate a transaction, or a party to a dispute in need of resolution. We also take a value-added approach to every client, striving wherever possible to leverage our experience and industry contacts to provide practical real-world advice on how to maximize profits, minimize expenses, and increase the bottom line.

We are always well aware that our clients are hiring our transactional practice to close, not kill the deals they need to run their business. To achieve this objective, our transactional practice implements creative outside the box negotiating strategies instead of focusing more on “winning” every deal point. Our transactional practice knows when to concede deal points our clients don’t really need, or alternatively, when to trade them for the points our clients do need.

When it comes to litigation, different matters call for different strategies. We are mindful of the value and certainty that comes with settling disputes upon terms favorable to our clients. Wherever possible, we plan strategically with clients during early phases to avoid or reduce the cost of future litigation. Of course, there are other matters that warrant the aggressive representation of our clients throughout litigation and trial. When litigation becomes necessary, we represent our clients skillfully and zealously so as to best protect their interests.

Whether prior to commencement of litigation or at various critical stages of litigation, we thoroughly explore all options with our clients to achieve the most favorable and cost-effective results possible.

What Sets Us Apart

We are experienced transactional and litigation attorneys who handle transactions skillfully so as to avoid litigation, and handle litigation successfully because of our thorough understanding of the transactions that gave rise to the dispute. Since we represent our clients in both litigation and transactions, we are able to provide our clients with continuity and consistency when dealing with their legal concerns.

We give our clients high quality and sensible advice that is specifically tailored to each client and based upon our thorough understanding of their business or needs. At the same time, our knowledge and experience in both litigation and transactions enables us to handle sophisticated client demands with agility and personal attention, avoiding the bulky and costly over-staffing all too common in larger firms.

We honestly evaluate our clients’ matters and provide them with a straight-forward assessment, accurate information, and “real world” advice. We don’t sugar-coat things and if we cannot help our clients, we tell them and we explain why.

Our clients are successful and sophisticated and have had a lot of experience working with attorneys. They hire us because they know we deliver on our promises, find us easy to work with, and most importantly, they can trust us. The long-standing relationships we have with many of our clients attest to this, as do the referrals of new clients we receive from existing clients or other law firms who have come to realize they can count on us to deliver exceptional legal services.